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About the company.

Transport - shipping company Disa-M has been working in the area of transport logistics since 1993. During this period there was established a professional team of logisticians, with an extensive experience in the field of transport logistics, stable partnership with large trucking companies providing our company with the high quality and promptness of the services rendered.  

Particularly for our customers we offer a range of services. It is exceptionally advantageous to the customers lacking a logistics service or transport department in their structure:

  • freight truck services;
  • cargo insurance;
  • development and selection of the optimal schemes of freight transportation;
  • transportation of outsized and heavy-lift cargoes;
  • monitoring of cargo movement on all stages;
  • providing additional services in the interests of the freight owner.

Company Disa-M organizes freight truck services of any degree of complexity.

  • freight truck services with the consideration of all cargo characteristics;
  • development of optimal route of transportation;
  • constant monitoring of cargo location;
  • delivery of cargo "at the door" of the consignee;
  • informing the freight forwarder on the receipt of cargo by the consignee;
  • mixed  freight truck services;
  • freight truck services with the passing uploading of the vehicles;
  • freight truck services of small cargo consignments; armed guarding services.

Disa-M is able to select the most advantageous methods for its customers on prices and timing of cargo transportation, consider all the peculiarities of the situation and requests of the customer. The company cooperates with the wide network of warehouse resources and companies-freight carriers, transport-shipping companies, air lines, maritime, railway companies.  

A flexible system of calculation of freight truck service costs contributes to the individual approach to each customer. Besides company Disa-M invariably guarantees high delivery quality of collective consignments. It is possible to receive the information on the status and location of cargo any time.